Devvon Terrell Tells the Story of a Tangled Love Affair in New Single “Locked in the Bathroom”

Good music tells a story. It zeros in on a moment in time and with each verse the narrative becomes clearer. Some modern day musicians have lost that author-like essence but not Devvon TerrellThe frequently featured Ikonic Music Blog artist gifts us another sonic account of the inner pits of love’s deception and vicious cycles with “Locked in the Bathroom.”

He sings,” So what are we doing, ‘cause we both guilty /  blood on our hands so we both look so filthy / Can we point fingers if we both wrong / Can we continue love with all the damage done?”

It’s Terrell’s lyrical transparency and authenticity married with his soulful vocals that divorces his music from the current generation’s noisy heap. His candid lyricism in this record proves that he’s loved wrong, lied and betrayed a previous lover and although it was a two way street he acknowledges that it doesn’t make it right. 

He’s kept his promised momentum with his weekly releases and each one peels back yet another layer of Terrell’s creativity; indulge below. 

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