Korean-American Songstress Audrey Gifts Us a Nebulous Debut RnB Track with “Time”

Audrey, the new Korean-American vocal sensation, releases her debut record “Time,” an enchanting, soulful record dripping in groovy trends and funk inclinations. This is a tune that details the perils of time, thinking we control it and letting it pass us by. With a voice like butter amid a look of innocence, she represents a stunning dichotomy.

The Emma Westenberg directed visual has already amassed over 5,000 views in its first 24 hours and it truly reveals Audrey’s eccentricity in a complex, multi-interpreted manner. It’s the free, idiosyncratic spirits of the world that make music like this, music that hearkens like a blank sonic canvas where Audrey paints her own narrative, each stroke a perfectly executed note, a lyric of intention.

“The lyrics of the song are kind of about this holding place or limbo where all these souls who want to do something with their life but say, “I have time, I have time,” and then it ended up being too late,” Audrey tells Billboard. “I wanted to write about if all these souls are collected in a purgatory, almost, what would that look like and sound like. For the video I wanted to make a visual representation of that.”

Check out her debut visual below!



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