Snoh Aalegra Drops Off a Bona Fide Vibe with New Album ‘-Ugh, those feels again’

Real music sifts through the soul, travels fittingly to the corners of your subconscious and causes your eyes to close amid natural body-swaying tendencies – that’s a vibe.

Swedish-Iranian singer Snoh Aalegra has mastered the art of groove and her latest full body release -Ugh, those feels again leaves consumers in awe of her sizzling vocals, pensive lyricism and innate knack for bodying open, reflective production from the likes of Doctor O, D-Mile and NO I.D.

From instant vibes like “I Want You Around” to infectious tunes like “Whoa” and relatable tracks like “Situationship,” it’s apparent that she’s gifted this body of work substance and diary-like content. It’s been two years since the release of her debut album FEELS and the wait, well worth it. This album is a clear continuation of that premiere induction and she keeps that audacious tongue in records like “Nothing to Me” where she sings, “Now you wanna love me, baby (That means nothing to me) / Now you wanna make things right, but (That means nothing to me) /Now you wanna say you’re sorry (That means nothing to me).”

There’s pain in this project of relationship woes and the perils of love but there’s also growth, realizations and the embracing of self-love that rides on a higher tide. With a voice like butter, lyrics smooth as gravy and the stunning cotton-candy like airiness of her aura, Aalegra’s sound lives in the sweet-tooth we all have for good music; indulge below.

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