Tobe Nwigwe: Tiny Desk Concert

Tobe Nwigwe, a frequently featured Ikonic Music Blog Ikon, returns with his first Tiny Desk Concert, which, as expected, was nothing shy of simply outstanding – a riveting listening experience!

Of course, he brought along his wife Fat and their beautiful seven week old baby girl who listened intensely as her father melds hip-hop with melody, bars with lessons and poetry with a stunning substance imbued sonic conveyance. With Nwigwe you can almost always guarantee that it will be a family affair of epic proportions. He brought his own musical genius alongside crooning virtuosos like his background vocalists Luke Whitney, David Michael Wyatt and Madeline Edwards.

Nigerian roots with a Houston upbringing, he fuses his personal origin with a southern flair. This kind of music can’t be quantified by mass appeal alone but through the lessons in each of his records, from how to overcome life’s woes to staying true to your passions. His music isn’t just some balderdash about beautiful women and fancy cars – you can learn from his records. He truly blessed the mic during this concert with the set list including “Houston Tribute,” “Caged Birds,” “Against the Grain, ” “Shine” and “I’m Dope.” It’s the way he expertly utilizes his vocabulary amid creating real records with real vocals and a real passion for this thing we call music that divorces his sound from the rabble of our generation. It’s truly an amazing 15 minutes; check it out below.

Check out another original release from Tobe Nwigwe entitled “IVORY,” a record he has deemed, “[my greatest creation to date].” This tune is a beautiful ode to his new born baby amid gospel like infusions accompanied by one truly stunning and personal visual; indulge below.

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