Rapsody’s ‘Eve’ is a Spine-chilling Testimonial to Hip-Hop and Black Women

Rapsody releases the follow up to her sophomore studio album Laila’s Wisdom with Eve, a stunning tribute to hip-hip and strong black women. More than an album, this is a sonic love letter to the real Queens. With Eve being noted as the genesis of all women and the track-lists clear female homage laden titling from “Aaliyah” to “Oprah” to “Serena” her true level of genius pierces through so conspicuously in this body of work.

The album opens with Nina Simone’s “Strange Fruit” rendition, a brawny and fitting ballad that sets the tone for the level of lyrical aptitude that continues through out each record accompanied with phenomenal production by 9th Wonder, Eric G, Nottz and Khrysis. She doesn’t stop at impressive production alone but packs this album with an ikonic feature lineup that includes the likes of Leikeli47, D’Angelo, Queen Latifah and J.Cole to name a few.

From certified bangers like “Oprah” to pensive tracks like “Reyna’s Interlude” to impactful, nostalgic closers like “Afeni,” Rapsody blankets this album in substance, pleasant throwback tendencies and positivity amid deconstructing myriad cliches surrounding the destructive ideologies of masculinity in music.

Rapsody’s Eve celebrates everything that is our blackness.

The North Carolina MC gifted the public a body of work that will last in and out of time. She continues to raise the bar for what this generation should expect not just from a female MC but from a rising music ikon.

What will you gain from this album?

  1. An appreciation for the beauty that is BLACK WOMEN.

  2. A deeper love for hip-hop.

  3. A personal experience with Rapsody.

Eve is one of the most necessary albums of 2019 not only for it’s clear, compelling ode to Black Women but for its raw, authentic hip-hop delivery – Rapsody is hip-hop in its finest hour, the embodiment of its original roots.

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