Wale Releases a “BGM” Anthem in Honor of Women’s Equality Day

Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Wale never keeps his lyricism far from the pulse and plights of our modern society. For this record, he scripts an ode to beautiful, bold, powerful Black Women with his new single “BGM (Black Girl Magic).”

Wale raps,”Black benzes/Black fancy/Black bag full of old white man issa/ whole Queen would you hold my hand, would you show me a lil’ black girl magic,” amid a couple nostalgic lines from his dope single “Black is GOLD” released in 2016. Through out this record he delves into his appreciation for the Black Woman, details some of her societal quandaries and empathizes with her reality dressed down in inconveniences and discrimination but dressed up in a melanin doused glow, strength and perseverance.

Wale reflects on the records release, “Its uppp! Now available errrreywheere. This song means a whole lot to me . It was an uphill battle to get to you all but we can discuss that later . We gon dance and celebrate ours while the weather still good! For your mother your sister your girlfriend your wife. The odds ain’t in there favor most times and they still find a way.. statistics will tell you that the news will tell you that.. so I ain’t got to go in to detail. We celebratin them today and everyday . I’m goin all over the Internet today showin luv fuck wit me and tag one #BGM

The “On Chill” poetic rap star continues to raise the bar, continues to cultivate music with purpose and encourages his listeners to stay woke to the beauty that is the Black Woman; indulge below.

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