Gallant’s “Sleep On It,” an RnB Banger with Nostalgic 90’s Vibes

The modern generation still craves feel-good tunes bathed in the sonic whisperings of the 90’s era of RnB and soul. Gallant could have easily thrived in the same musical generation as Usher, Donell Jones, Carl Thomas and Jon B. His recent release “Sleep On It” takes listeners back to a time where soul music lurked in every bedroom, CD player and radio station.

The record opens with the detailing of a lover’s quarrel then cascades into Gallant’s pleading for a sleepy reset before any rash decisions are made amid closing with some euphoric falsettos.

He sings, “Girl, I know you’re tired of this argument / Why don’t we sleep on it? / Sleep on it / Complicated, but your body’s just the opposite, I wanna sleep on it /Sleep on it.”

Gallant’s 2016 album Ology dipped into the sounds of his growing catalog but this latest release swanks in his growth and intrinsic knack for this thing we call music; indulge below.

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