London’s Rising New Muse Just Charlii Releases a New Banger with “Take Note”

What makes you listen to an entire song, is it the lyricism, the production, the artist’s execution? London based singer, songwriter and producer Just Charlii releases a new hit single entitled “Take Note” that will inevitably be listened to from begin to end and then placed on repeat. This is her second single release following behind the peculiar yet stunning vibe “Do You Right” both set to appear on her forthcoming EP Phoenix. She’s a plucky soul and a proud member of the LGBTQ community, she’s unapologetically herself and that authenticity breathes through in her tunes. In this latest release, she marries sultry vocals with poetic, spoken-word-like verses.

Just Charlii reflects on this record, “I wrote Take Note when I was really struggling with my identity…I feel like today it’s very easy to get caught up with what’s online/ who’s online/ what they’re posting. Naturally we compare ourselves to what’s being put out. We also pay a lot of attention to what people think of us as people or our appearance. Which leads to us adapting our ways to please people we don’t even know. The main reason behind this song was to express its okay to pay attention but just not to let it become you.. only to Take Note.”

This generation tends to bathe in comparisons but only shower in self-worth realizations, Just Charlii’s advising the modern day heap to just take notes but don’t let it take over; indulge below.

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