Sarah West’s New Single “Feelings,” a Timeless Ode to Unapologetic Love

Captivating, nostalgic, stunningly executed – Sarah West’s new single “Feelingsbrims with emotive lyricism, alluring vocals and intoxicating melodies; an inevitable hit record.

The Denmark native singer and songwriter created a tune that will last in and out of time.

The record opens with her beautifully raspy, almost rustic tone as the first verse swells and builds towards the catchy, classic hook. She sings, “You got me in my feelings / I’m feeling like you opened up the door and baby my emotions overload until I lose all control / You got me in my feelings.” West croons with such fervor amid an impressive, spine-chilling range and the inescapable transference that yanks you into the moment she created. This record listens like candid reflections and time well spent honing her craft.

No novice to the music industry, West began writing songs and playing the guitar and piano at the tender age of eight. The love for music started young and it appears she never took her foot off the gas.

Sarah’s first EP Like the Sunrise debuted in 2011 and the notable attention led to her touring the country as an opener for some Danish music scenes stars.

During this point in West’s career, she caught the ear of famed bass player and manager, Randy Jackson, who flew her out to the States, offered her management and in 2014 Sarah moved to America.

A voice this striking and permeating will find success in any part of the world. “Feelings” resonates with that aforementioned potential global acclaim.

The sound of love, passion and companionship – “Feelings.”

I got a chance to ask West a few questions about why she makes music, what inspired “Feelings,” what we can expect from this new EP and more; check it out below.


Why do you make music?
Sarah West: I’ve been making music since I was a little girl, so it’s just part of who I am! It’s my way of telling my story and hopefully making a difference with it:)

What inspired “Feelings?”
Sarah West: I was in Los Angeles working with one of my producers Rick’s Melody & we were actually recording another song when he played a chord progression that got me super inspired and in my feelings;) So it was just a good vibe that really resonated with how I was feeling around that time in my life!

What’s the anticipated release date for your upcoming EP and what can fans gain from indulging in this new project?
Sarah West: We don’t have a release date for it yet, but I can reveal the name of the project. It’s gonna be called The Sarah West Issue. The songs are gonna let fans get to know me a little better, and hopefully they can relate to some of the things I write about. I want them to feel connected to the music and I can’t wait to share it!

Any big plans for the rest of the year that your fans should know about?

Sarah West: Oh yeah! Within the next 6 months I’ll be releasing a danish single called “Det Var Dig” followed by an international release of my song “One Chance.” There’ll be a music video coming out too which I’m super excited about because I’ve actually never shot a music video before. We’re also working on different features, shows and a possible college tour around America.

What makes you ikonic?
Sarah West: It’s my dream to leave a lasting legacy as a role-model, singer and songwriter for young people to reach for their dreams and never give up! I’ve always known this was what I wanted to do and even though it’s not been an easy path – following your dreams and your passion is SO worth it.

It’s an exciting time for West, more new music, visuals and an EP are on the way. This latest release reeks with classic RnB anthem inevitabilities and drips in award-worthy adulation. Clearly there’s more to come but in the meantime allow her new single “Feelings” to get you caught up in yours; indulge below.

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