Brooklyn Soulstress, Nia Sultana Releases a New Vibe with “Coconut Water”

The genre of ‘Vibe’ lives fittingly through new artists like the self-proclaimed Brooklyn soulstress Nia Sultana and her latest release “Coconut Water.”

A couple months ago, Nia released her debut record “Positions” which introduced listeners to her sultry, soul-doused vocals amid her conspicuous knack for melody sifting all bathed in the pure aura of undeniable vibes. “Coconut Water” boasts with that same dreamy production, airy execution and head-bobbing tendency but shifts in content from relational tides to uplifting waves.

Lyrically this record swims through a longing for better days, love, enjoying life, manifesting your destinies and feeling good – a perfect record to add to your “Vibes” playlist.

More than a beauty, she’s a true talent; indulge below.

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