Houston We Hear You, TOBE NWIGWE | JUICE ft. PAUL WALL

It’s almost disgusting for someone to be this talented, this lyrical, this creative, this ikonic!

Tobe Nwigwe, last featured for his timeless Tiny Desk Concert performance, returns with another sure fire original work featuring the legendary Paul Wall.

Juice” listens like an impeccable lyrical lashing from each artist. Paul Wall reminds us that he’s still The People’s Champ and he pens impressive verses imbued with witty wordplay amid an effortless execution.

Tobe, no doubt, does his thing as well, per usual. In his verses he expertly switches his flow with admirable ease, laced with bars and an undeniable aura of notable confidence. He melds intellect with hip-hop in a way that this generation doesn’t hear quite enough.

The self-directed visual further displays Tobe’s innate flair for the creative arts rather visual or sonic, another dope video to add to his ever-growing catalog.

“Juice” reminds us that hip-hop is alive and its heartbeat is strong. Both MC’s compliment each other on this record, an unforeseen but noteworthy union; check it out below.

For Tobe Nwigwe tour dates click here.

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