Young M.A x Funk Flex | #Freestyle132

Young M.A the notorious freestyle Kween returns to Funk Flex to drop off some bars and gift listeners an appetizer before her debut album Herstory in the Making drops September 27th.

She’s been quiet to deaf ears but she’s been making noise in her own way, dropping singles like “BIG” and “PettyWap 2.” The Brooklyn spitter took a brief hiatus to warrant what will be a major return.

Her flow – effortless. Her style – envied. Her grind – relentless.

She remains relevant by keeping her sound on the tips of real hip-hop lovers tongues. The bar-ravenous Funk Flex always brings the best out and Young M.A doesn’t disappoint but indeed it’s apparent that her flow is still unparalleled.

Free-styling is an art in itself, a revered brushstroke on the canvas we call hip-hop; check it out below.

Check out Young M.A’s Funk Flex Freestyle from 2016!