Brent Faiyaz Releases a Record for the Self-Indulging Love Addicts with “Rehab (Winter In Paris)”

Brent Faiyaz, the artist with a voice that listens like a reincarnation of a 90’s RnB singer, releases a new sensual, lust-brimmed single entitled “Rehab (Winter In Paris).” He opens the record singing, “I got too many hoes, but they ain’t you /You like to put that s*** in your nose, but I still love you /Be doing that s*** nobody knows…” It’s evident that his pen is not only bold but divulges some unvarnished truths as well.

The minimal, bass-heavy production glides flawlessly against the density of his sultry lyricism. It’s one of his more candid records, sexually speaking, but the way it creeps through your ears and whispers into your thoughts – the execution, simply genius.

The Sonder Son crooner’s edgy scripting and intoxicating vocals award this record worthy stuck-on-repeat acclaim; indulge below.