Ashilee Ashilee Releases a Sonic Picasso with her Debut Project ‘September Perspective’

Ashilee Ashilee, the producer, award winning film score composer, instrumentalist, engineer, songwriter and artist just released her debut featureless project September Perspective – an indubitable classic.

Ashilee Ashilee, typically featured for her production efforts, returns as an artist – a talented one. Not only did she produce the entire album, she also recorded, wrote, mixed and mastered it herself as well.

Ashilee Ashilee – a sonic anomaly.

The project opens with “Pullup,” a certified banger that cascades through the Detroit native’s aptitude for swelling production and expert melody shifting as she lyrically details the haphazard road to success. As the project continues, she explodes on records like “Crying Wolf,” “Godly” and the closing tune “Reckless” thus gifting her sound versatility, range and intensity. Predestined fan favorites like “Don’t Bother,” “Whatcha Know” and “No Fault” are also doused in pensive lyricism and immaculate production.

She’s candid throughout this project, detailing her own trials and triumphs, releasing some major keys on how to persevere in this barbaric industry and opening yet another lane for female musicians to strut down proudly as multifaceted influencers.

Trying to box Ashilee into one genre would be pointless and impossible. It’s evident that the young Frequency Bender, pulls from her own expertise of the sonic arts in juxtaposition with her natural vocals and the narrative that she feels compelled to tell. More than just a hodgepodge of songs, it’s a collective body of work that marks the dawn of what will inevitably be a fruitful career.

Listen to September Perspective here.

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