Young M.A Releases the Intro to Her Debut Album with “No Mercy”

Young M.A last featured for her freestyle last week for Funk Flex, returns with the intro record to her debut album Herstory in the Making, set to release this Friday. The Kofi Black produced track swells with its dark piano presence wedged against the Brooklyn MC’s natural flow.

She raps, “Took the cold out my heart, went and put in on a watch / Middle finger hangin’ out the Benz, feel like Pac / Spittin’ on your cameras, bandana with the knot / Competition lookin’ for me, I was waitin’ at the top.”

This generation craves female bar-aficionados more than ever. Young M.A hasn’t lost her grit or her hunger for creating good music. SleepWalkin and Herstory set the tone, this debut album shall continue the narrative.

Of the project’s content she states, “You’re gonna get the cocky joints, the slick talk joints where I talk my talk, but then I’m gonna get personal. Real personal. That’s why this album is called Herstory In The Making, because it’s about all sides of me.”

Check out “No Mercy” below.