Eric Bellinger’s New Album ‘Saved by the Bellinger’ Gifts Listeners Another Masterpiece

Eric Bellinger releases his second album of the year with Saved by the Bellinger. Merely six months after the release of The Rebirth 2, he drops off another project laced in 10 tracks amid features from Wale, Kehlani, K Camp and more. The Grammy-nominated crooner gifts us impeccable word-play, lovers anthems and down-right good music.

The album opens with “Tapped In,” a swaggy record that revels in Bellinger’s flair for creating catchy hooks. His single release “Moist” featuring K Camp is another certified banger dripping in hit-worthy, top-charting appeal. Tunes like “Headline” featuring Kehlani and “On My Back” featuring Marcus Black are oozing in complimentary production and mark as stellar collaborative efforts. “Champagne” featuring Wale and Guapdad 4000 reeks with summer vibes and club anthem tendencies. Each record is inundated with lyrical density and tracks like “Delicious AF” and “Might Sound Crazy” delve into his natural penned personality.

An erudite student of music and melody, Bellinger proves why he should be discussed in topics of rising music eminence.

Of the albums release Eric Bellinger states, “I love release day lol. Another chance for me to let y’all in my brain. Another opportunity to open your minds to new frequencies, sounds and sonics. Bending rules and blending jewels. This project means a lot to me. I’m a true R&B Singer but I love turnin up. I managed to combine the turn up wit the smooth. The melody wit the madness. The concepts wit the colors! 10 songs 10 hits. Short & sweet. Nice and simple. Everybody remembers saved by the bell… Welp, it’s time to be “Saved By The Bellinger” CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO!!!! IT’S EAZY!!! #SBTB 🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔 Let me know y’all favorites once you listen!!! 🐐.”

Check it out below.



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