Ikonic Review: Kevin Gates ‘I’m Him’

Kevin Gates new album I’m Him, laced in 17 featureless tracks listens like a resurrection.

Kevin Gates sounds like Kevin Gates.

Listening to his music is a unique experience with an even more distinctive lyrical offering. This album brims with hit after hit. The opening record “RBS Intro” boasts with heavy bass, language shifting and that gritty, classic Gates delivery. As the album proceeds tracks like “IceBox,” “By My Lonely” and “Bags” all listen like a conversation between the Baton Rouge native’s old self versus his new glow. His wealthy rise, life turbulence and constant student-like mentality breathe through in his raw, extremely candid music.

Facts,” slaps hard and his execution, so deliberate. It’s the bass in his voice and the way he expertly rides a beat that reveals his years in the game – time clearly well spent. “Fatal Attraction,” “Say it Twice,” “Face Down” and “Betta For You” dip into topics of relationships, loyalty, love, personal growth and his frequented lusty undertones.

In one of the most reflective records “Walls Talking,” he raps, “Been to the group homes, I’ve been on lockdown and I’ve been upstate / Lived in a few homes, holdin’ the block down, movin’ this weight / Never spoke on this, they say that I murdered my best friend / It was just business, it wasn’t personal, you know how the world is.”

He’s honest. He’s bold. He’s clearing his heart in this album.

As the album begins to close he keeps the energy alive with head-bobbing, frank bangers like “Push It,” “Have You Ever,” “Fly Again” and island reminiscent tracks like “Pretend.”

Of the album Gates said, “All of those negative connotations the world puts out…I’m him…All of those positive connotations the world puts out…I’m him as well. This is the new Kevin verses the old Kevin. It’s a celebration. It’s a rebirth. It’s redemption. I’m overcoming who I used to be in order to be greater.”

Be sure to purchase or stream this album; it’s simply ikonic.

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