Spencer Crandall Pens an Ode to His Better Half with “My Person”

Country music listens like a time-capsule brimming over with narratives of love, lessons and life as the artist knows it. In the lyrics lie personal tales that are pensively composed and protrude over pronounced guitar strings. It’s the genre of cold brews and storytelling, late night hoe downs and seasoned boots; there’s a method to its madness but no one path must be followed.

Rising country sensation, Spencer Crandall releases his latest story with this new single “My Person,” a cutesy ode to his other half. He sings, “I didn’t know that night I’d found My Person, My Heartbeat, My slow dance / My Sunday morning sipping on coffee, in bed… “ He marries imagery with personal relational conveyance allowing this track to burst with passion and awe-like reactions.

He captures love and adoration so vividly in this record amid his soulful execution – a predestined classic – it’s what love sounds like.

His previous albums like 52 Eighty and More set the tone for what to expect from this young gem and “My Person,” feasts in his evolution and worldwide appeal.

Check it out below.  

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