Willie Jones Releases a Classic New Lovers Anthem with “Whole Lotta Love”

“I ain’t got a pot to piss in but I got some pot to smoke.” – Willie Jones “Whole Lotta Love

Willie Jones, the singer-songwriter and popular X Factor contestant, drops off this new eclectic mix of country and a dash of trap and hip-hop with his new single “Whole Lotta Love.”

If you enjoy a unique listening experience that’s overflowing in personality and puissant lyricism, then allow Willie to be your new muse. The Louisiana native executes this track with authentic precision telling a tale eternal infatuation and an abundance of favor his other half.

It’s a record of unconventional modern day love.

Check it out above.

Ikonic lyrics:
No 0’s in my bank account / But I’m zeroed in on you
No house up in the hills darling / But my backyard got a real nice view
Don’t need her bad and boujie
Got me a natural cutie, got her a natural booty / And we living good and gucci
Let’s go on a living spree, s*** they say the best things in life are free

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