Gallant Releases His Sophomore Album ‘Sweet Insomnia’

Good music takes time to bake.

This generation is doused with microwaved-albums and those projects never truly leave an imprint or impact the music scene in any legendary manner.

It’s been three years since the release of Gallant’s debut album Ology yet this new project’s arrival appears right on time and well-cooked.

Last featured for his nostalgic RnB banger “Sleep On It,” Gallant returns with his sophomore album Sweet Insomnia laced in 13 tracks amid features from 6LACK and Sabrina Claudio. He carries the bulk of this album alone and impressively so.

Each record is not only lyrically intentional but stunningly executed from intoxicating tracks like “Crimes” to candidly reflective tunes like “Sweet Insomnia,” this album is wide open for interpretation and indulgence.

Gallant told Complex, “The sound of the album took a while to lock-in. I wanted it to feel like a shoebox you kept under your bed full of Polaroids—just very nostalgic… I was born in 1991 so a lot of the synths have that early-’90s, even late-’80s, feel to it. I wanted to also pull from mid-2000s and early-2000s R&B sensibilities. I grew up listening to a lot of that stuff on the radio and I felt like—to keep with the nostalgic vibe—it made sense to pull from those influences as much as I could.

Check it out above.

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