Nino Man Releases a Necessary New Visual with “Believe In Me”

Harlem bred and frequently featured emcee Nino Man returns with his latest BenjiFilmz directed visual “Believe In Me.”

With previous successful releases like “Friends,” featuring New York legends Jadakiss and Styles P amid more recent drop offs like “Tropical Fantasy,” it’s evident that taking his foot off the gas isn’t an option.

Nino Man never disappoints, revered for his narrative-doused works and unvarnished pen, he displays that talent yet again in this newest effort.

In the BenjiFilmz directed video, Nino Man pulls up in a glossy Rolls-Royce. He hops out of the vehicle, spots an old friend and proceeds to chop-it-up with him, dropping off nuggets of wisdom, encouraging the young man to continue to pursue his craft and stay diligent. However, that wisdom falls on deaf ears, as we’ve all seen time and time again rather that be in our own neighborhood’s or on the 5’clock news.

Believe In Me,” details the plights faced by many young men living in the inner city, typically torn between taking the high-legal road or trudging the low road of gang-violence, drug dealing and premature deaths. Nino Man raps,”I said naw, that ain’t the right energy to have / Do it for your fam, do this s*** for your loved ones, do it for your fans / He said, “Naw, f*** that B you don’t understand/ These n****s never in arm reach when you need a hand.”

The ironic banter between Nino Man and this reflection of his previous self that he sees in this friend makes for good, reflective, therapeutic music. Check it out above.

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