BigBoyTV: D Smoke on Winning ‘Rhythm + Flow’, Working w/ T.I. & Chance The Rapper & His Plans

“Rhythm + Flow” winner, D Smoke, last featured for his debut EP Inglewood High returns with his must-see Big Boy interview.

In this sit-down, he delves into the aftermath of winning the show, working with T.I. & Chance The Rapper and his upcoming plans. With his winnings he will be providing scholarships, giving back to his community and of course putting some of it into the music.

What’s intriguing about this interview is the professionalism and humility that D Smoke exudes.

He’s no novice to the game, having wrote records for Jaheim and The Pussy Cat Dolls, to name a few, amid working with the likes of Kendrick Lamar – he’s impressively seasoned.

This recently syndicated triumph doesn’t zero in on his decade-plus in the industry but it’s certainly evident. He navigated through the show like a true professional with wisdom oozing from his speech, behavior and music.

There’s much that one could learn from this interview but the biggest takeaway is his relentless tenacity. If music is your calling then you must pursue it incessantly until it pays off. Being a creative means that you’ve abandoned the cookie-cutter ideology of merely going to school, getting a good job and retiring. Creativity knows no straight path but instead it’s a hilly, jagged lane custom-made for you.

D Smoke is the perfect embodiment of his own journey, a story that’s still being told and lucky for us we have a front-ears seat. Check it out above.

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