Jay-Z’s ‘Fade to Black’ Documentary Resurfaces on Tidal, 15 Years Later

  Stream ‘Fade to Black’    here   .
Stream ‘Fade to Black’ here .

Jay-Z, one of the best to ever bless a mic, is the living embodiment of what it means to be ikonic.

In 2004, he released his documentary ‘Fade to Black,’ a two-hour long offering that documents his career up until that point.

Today this, once hard to find, film became available for streaming on Tidal, centered mostly around his sold-out Madison Square Garden concert which was originally presented as his farewell from hip-hop and the conclusion of his career. Lucky for us that never held true.

It’s a birds eye view of his budding legacy at the time and it also includes footage of the creative process behind his fabled Black Album.

For true lovers of hip-hop, this is a spine-chilling viewing experience.

Check it out above.

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