Allen Stone’s ‘Building Balance,’ a Melting Pot of Epic Proportions

“Hey, let me take a second / First off everybody lower your weapons / There’s a million different ways to spin a message / So I gotta box this up and Express it” – Allen Stone “Back To The Swing

Allen Stone, a new flavor to my ears, releases his highly anticipated project Building Balance, doused in imperative messages, genre versatility and old time vibes.

If you like damn-good, music Stone’s got you covered.

This latest offering laced in 14 featureless tracks listens like Funk, Blues, Gospel, Soul and Hip-Hop, all in one. You can’t get bored with this album because its dipped in flavors from crowd-gathering records like “Back To The Swing” to slower tendencies like “Lay It Down” to cinematic tunes like “Warriors,” its a stunning fusion. With a decade in the game, his music hearkens as such from his well-trained vocals to his knack for song structure and ear for fitting production, this body of work isn’t that of an amateur. From his 2009 release Last to Speak to Building Balance we can hear his evolution and his love for this thing we can music.

Stone drenched this latest body of work in poetic lyricism, authentic feelings and personal anecdotes.

It’s a medley of sophisticated palates, an album that will stand the test of time.

Check it out above.

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