Alia Kadir Releases Pure Vibes with New Single “F___ This”

Ethiopian singer-songwriter and Brooklyn native, Alia Kadir delivers pure, unadulterated vibes with her new single “F___ This.” She’s been influenced by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Jill Scott and Curtis Mayfield thus her music listens as such amidst a peculiar twist all her own.

With a voice that whispers and dances through your speakers, Alia caresses you through her scripted moments.

“F___ This” creates smoke-something tendencies with some J.Lo “If You Had My Love” melody infusions as she lyrically details the longing for a love lost. She sings, “I’ve never been through this s*** here before / I’m stuck on you and I just can’t move on…” Closure is earned not given and that destination can’t be reached through Google maps directions thus Alia meanders autonomously through this record. Doused in sensual undertones, a wondering mind and candid lyricism, it’s evident this record provided some therapy for the young songstress.

It’s a speedy follow up behind her September debut EP Gold , it’s surprising to hear a single release so soon but we’re grateful nonetheless. Check it out above.

Listen to Gold below.


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