Album Narrative: Quintessential Albums Like Jay-Z’s ‘The Blueprint’ Set the Bar For What To Expect From Hip-Hop

With three decades in the game, Jay-Z has one of the longest standing hip-hop careers of all time. Through the years he’s always remained relevant and impressively so. His discography boasts with timeless works like ‘Reasonable Doubt,’ ‘The Black Album,’ ‘American Gangster’ and most recently ‘4:44,’ to name a few. He’s never made a bad album. Even the best of the best like Eminem and Lil Wayne have had an off album or two but not Jay. It’s this impeccable consistency that’s earned him the title of ‘Best Rapper Alive.’ Some would argue but few could truly contest. He hasn’t been in the game for decades just frolicking through the industry, making meaningless music but he’s indeed spent every album perfecting his sound, imbuing his lyrics in metaphors and wicked wordplay and garnering yet another title of “Billionaire Businessman,” one of the first ever in hip-hop to do so. Hov is a fabled, ageless and legendary musician and he deserves that same acclaim as a businessman with his hands in pots from sports all the way to retail…

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