Album Narrative: Logic’s ‘Confessions of A Dangerous Mind,’ A Noteworthy Attempt But Not His Best Album

The hunger present in a rising artist prior to reaching levels of notoriety and worldwide acclaim proves to be some of their most iconic moments. However, once the taste of numerical applause hits the tip of some artist’s tongues, that hunger almost turns into an obnoxious greed amid a whining banter of what they now deserve. Logic’s fifth studio album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, laced with 16 tracks amid features from Eminem, G-Eazy, Will Smith and more brims with a pity-party like soirée invitation amidst some cocky, noteworthy jams but does it ooze with top-album appeal? For me, no it doesn’t. His earlier works like Everybody and Bobby Tarantino II hearken with a more effortless approach. This particular album listens like he’s got something to prove yet at the same time his demeanor appears perfunctory. Although the album topped Billboard charts and earned him his third career No. 1 project with 80,000 album units sold amid 24,000 of those accounting for album sales alone; this album still doesn’t give off the same life as his previous works. I feel his energy but I also feel his frustration with the music industry as well….

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