Pardison Fontaine Delivers Debut Album ‘UNDER8ED’ feat. Offset, Cardi B & More

A name that became notorious for working with the likes of Cardi B and Kanye West, Pardison Fontaine has carved a spot for himself in hip-hop history and he’s here to solidify that slot with his debut album UNDER8ED. Laced in 14 tracks amid features from City Girls, Cardi B, Offset, Jadakiss and more, he holds nothing back in this premiere. He can rap, that’s evident from previous offerings like “No No No” and “Rodman” but more than a rapper, this body of work reinforces his tile of ‘artist.’

It’s one talent to be a rapper, it’s another hemisphere of technique to be an artist.

Pardi’s a personality, no doubt and that’s what creates an enjoyable listening and viewing experience for his audience. Certified bangers like “Take It Down” and ”Backin’ It Up,” set the tone for club anthem tendencies while records like “Not There Yet” and “UNDER8ED” shed a more pensive light on his pen. Fontaine’s love for RnB music rings out in nostalgic tracks like “Pay Ya Bills” featuring Jeremih and “Good For You” diversifies this albums palate as well with some bars from Pardi amidst a hook that breathes in island vibes. It’s a diverse compilation, check it out above.

Check out some album visuals below.

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