Quin’s New EP ‘LUCID,’ a Steamy Transference of Higher Awareness

California native singer, songwriter and producer Quin releases her third stage of life with this new EP LUCID, dipped in seven airy and introspective tracks that shimmer in deep-seated lyricism as she finds ataraxy through her music. Galvanized by the ideology of “lucid dreaming,” which marks as the moment in a dream where the dreamer is fully aware that they are dreaming and begin to control the dream’s characters, environment and story, Quin tailors this album to custom fit her desired outcome. She’s in full control of this project as she steers it from poetic intro’s like “Lucid” featuring Infinity to euphoric collaborations like “Fav” featuring 6LACK.

Quin tells L’OFFICIEL, ”LUCID is the third chapter of my life. The projects that I’ve been putting out have all been like states of consciousness. Galactica was this place in space that I was actually transported to in my imagination, and the next EPs built from that place. DREAMGIRL was kind of all over the place but LUCID, this state of consciousness, is more grounded than ever before. I always love everything I make, but this is my new favorite stuff. I like where I’m at in my actual life, experiencing healthy love and being even more connected to myself than I was two years ago. It’s a more grown-up me and it’s fun to see what that sounds like.”

If you enjoy vocal idiosyncrasies and sonic experimentation then allow Quin to be your new muse.

Check it out above.

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