Album Narrative: Wale Releases His Sixth Studio Album ‘Wow…That’s Crazy’ But Was It?

As we come to the end of one of the most diverse musical decades, we must zero in on one of this decade’s most influential and brilliant lyricist, Wale, and his sixth studio album Wow…That’s Crazy. – Wale tells Variety, “Hands down, this is my most personal project…Somebody told me the other day that this is a beautiful, healing album, and it’s the beginning stages of healing from black trauma. It’s unapologetically black, but it’s also a healing — the good and bad that comes from all the shit that comes from being a black man or a black woman in America.” – This most recent body of work is laced in 15 tracks amid features from Kelly Price, Megan Thee Stallion, Meek Mill, Jeremih and more. On the production side, this project features stylings from seasoned producers such as Bizness Boi, Oz and D Woo, to name a few. Wow…That’s Crazy is also the first album he’s released with Warner Bros since his departure from Atlantic Records. It’s brimming in star features and immaculate production but was it enough? In my opinion, Wale doesn’t have “first-listen-albums.” You can’t listen to a Wale album one-time and grasp all its’ lyrical intricacies and depth. He creates albums that need to be left on repeat in order to acknowledge the full scope of his intellect.

Read the full article on Vibbidi.

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