Ama what ? ‘Ama, who?’

How do you like your music? On the rocks? Straight up? Mixed?

Ama Lou delivers a stunning blend of all three with her debut project Ama,who?, an orgasmic medley of soul, RnB and distinctive vibes. The 21-year-old London native is an exceptional vocalist, without question, and in this five track offering she flaunts her raw, airy, well-ranged pipes amid gifting listeners a lyrically vivid compilation one dipped in narratives of love, pain and evolution. Flawlessly executed records like “This Town” and immaculately produced, experimental tunes like “NORTHSIDE,” which garnered over a million views on YouTube revel in her aptitude for creating good music.

Ama tells Billboard, “This project is all encompassing and totally Ama. I know that’s a bit of a vague description, but the detail lies in the vagueness. Every song is different but all very me. I kind of a start to look into the foundation of my work, who I am and what I can do. It’s just another step forward.”

There’s nothing conventional about this body of work.

If you like your music drenched in familiarity with a strong lack of individuality then Ama Lou isn’t your flavor. However, if you’d like to hear a new sound, a new aura, she’s got you covered. Check out her latest release above.

Check out the “NORTHSIDE” visual below.


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