Album Narrative: Rapsody’s ‘Eve,’ The Most Pivotal Album Of 2019

I grew up on the flows of Jay-Z, Tupac, Big L, Queen Latifah and Biggie. I still crave that raw, unparalleled talent and lyrical craftmanship. The 80’s and 90’s was a league of hip-hop that only the elite could participate in. However, with this generation’s social media frenzies and viral certainties new “emcees” pop up every five minutes but do they stick around? Do they create music that will stand the test of time? Will it even last into next week? In most cases, no. However, North Carolina native artist and Roc Nation’s own Rapsody, could go toe to toe with the heavy weights of hip-hop, no question and she cultivates music that will be revered now and forever. Her third studio album ‘Eve’ released in August of this year, laced in 16 tracks with features from Leikeli47, D’Angelo, Queen Latifah and more amid production from 9th Wonder, Eric G, Nottz and Khrysis. This is an album dedicated to black women, for black women, about black women but it’s also an album that can be appreciated by all, respected by all. Let’s be honest, most female rappers today are just as naked as their inane lyrics….

Read the full article on Vibbidi.

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