Felixx x Natalie Orfilia “Hit My Line”

Felixx, a familiar name and voice from his time on Fox TV’s “The Four,” ASCAP Urban “On The Come Up,” and the 2018 winner of One Music Fest’s “Searching For The One,” is a decorated go-getter that melds R&B and pop.

Recently, he linked up with Chicago native singer-songwriter Natalie Orfilia for their new smash single “Hit My Line.”

A fitting collaborative effort that lyrically details the proud presence of a new lover and the pleasant absence of a former boo.

Felixx opens the record by singing, “You don’t have to hit my line no more, I gotta new girl and she ain’t you…” To close the record out, Natalie sings, “You don’t have to hit his line no more, he’s got a new girl and she ain’t you…” It’s the written dichotomy of one lover moving on to better ties and his new lover confirming her position. In Natalie’s verse she boasts, “His new girl got a vibe / Make a n**** drop his wife / Make his old b**** wanna fight / Make some new h**s wanna try.” It’s evident that he’s upgraded and this new chick is one that may stick around.

Both crooners compliment The Dropouts produced track and create a new anthem to close out the year.

Check it out above.

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