Arsonal Da Rebel Delivers a Flawless One-Take Freestyle for Funk Flex

“Always was Crip, never one of the neutral guys / Once it cock I do-the-do Ruger scream like when that rooster rise.” – Arsonal Da Rebel

Funk Flex #Freestyle139. Newark, New Jersey. Bars. Arsonal Da Rebel.

Funk Flex, a living ikon with a seasoned ear, brings Arsonal Da Rebel back to his freestyle series and he executes a flawless one-take. The Newark, New Jersey native emcee showed up with confidence, bars and delivers a faultless performance, letting loose for over five minutes straight. From 2017’s #Freestyle054, to 2018’s #Freestyle116 to this most recent slaughter, it’s evident that Arsonal possesses an arsenal of bars at his disposal.

Many non-consumers of good music like to state that this generation lacks the lyricism of the former era of hip-hop but au contraire.

He spits, “And I ain’t gotta do the job, my youngin’ll hit em for a Percocet and a Uber ride, to his b**** house / This actual factual what I spit ‘bout / Them crackers still giving chains and them whips out / They tried to warn us through movies y’all ain’t see ‘Get Out.’”

His wordplay is skillfully gritty, partnered with a dynamic execution thus gifting his take on rap an idiosyncratic flavor. This year he’s garnered over 775,000k streams in over 70 countries on Spotify alone. Lyricists are still releasing real music, increasing the net-worth of hip-hop and spitters like Arsonal Da Rebel are delivering straight,untouched capital through his irrefutable pen.

Check out his ikonic freestyle above.

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