Lacy Cavalier Releases Pensive New Single “This Ain’t Love”

Lacy Cavalier, last featured for her aurally stunning and soulful record “Blue Suede Couch” off her classic k i’m done EP returns with another exceptional offering “This Ain’t Love.”

Lyrically this record is audacious and candid as she sings, “I turned all of my picture frames face down so I don’t see you around the house / But the minute I walk out the door the ghost of what we were before surrounds this damn town , got nowhere to hide but I ain’t gonna run…

Lacy pours out her recollection of a love that wasn’t authentic amid acknowledging that the strength to leave is far greater than the strength to stick around through perils that aren’t even rooted in real passion. It’s a flawless, deliberate and heartfelt almost cinematic-like performance and a noteworthy addition to her blooming catalog.

Clearly her fans love this single as well! Check out the visual above and stay tuned for more music in 2020.

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