Anthony Flammia’s New Project ‘See Attached,’ a Genre Medley of Epic Proportions

This generation of musicians are not willing to be confined by the captive strongholds of genres.

Singer and songwriter, Anthony Flammia lives in the boundless sea of sonic possibilities with his latest project See Attached. The aural versatility present in this recent offering comes at no surprise. Previous releases like “Top Of My Lungs” and “My Life” revel in his innate musicality and ardor for experimentation amid stunningly explosive tendencies.

The Yonkers native keeps that same momentum, laced in 10 tracks that sift between RnB undertones, pop moments and alternative vibes. Nostalgic efforts like “Damn,” whisper in Blackstreet “Don’t Leave Me” infusions while blatantly original records like “Nothing Wrong” dance in his poignant lyricism. This project listens with personal narrative and therapeutic honesty. He picks up speed with heightened singles like “Back to You” and simmers down for a faultless execution in “Pieces.” Overall, it’s a project of brilliant diversity.

Check it out above.

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