Undagawds Debut Album, an Old-school Boom bap Hip-Hop Classic to Close Out the Decade

How do you like your hip-hop? Old-school, please.

We’re coming to the end of a decade of music, another decade of hip-hop. Veterans in the game have resurfaced and novice artists have made a splash.

Today, two inevitable hip-hop frontrunners have released their debut album. Undagawds, consisting of rapper Peter Manns and producer Thelonious Coltrane, are a collective front with one goal in mind – making good music.

Of the duo’s union Peter states, “The way it happened was like it was suppose to happen, his beats were just too good and my flow was looking for a beat maker tailored to the message and image that I wanted the world to see!”

The Frankfurt, Germany based duo deliver a peerless premiere laced in 16 tracks doused in old-school, Boom bap, head-bobbing hip-hop. It listens with an 80’s era appreciation yet a narrative all Peter’s own. Nostalgic efforts like “Jump Up,” evocative tracks like “Different People” and reflectively scripted tunes like “Da Funk,” award this album lyricism and entertainment. Skillfully penned efforts like “Just a Verse, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2,” are not only inescapable fan favorites but open declarations that speak to the penned quality of this work.

In the closing record “Feeling Like Ohyee” Peter states, “Mom used to clean the crib all the time man / like my influence came from motherf***in soul music that she was playing, like all the RnB music…” That statement proves true in golden tunes like “Looking for Words” where they sample George Benson’s 1976 hit “This Masquerade,” in between expert flows from Peter.

Both creatives are more than crafters of music and lyrical masters but indeed students of music, lovers of its genres and that’s why this album gleams with hip-hop nostalgia amid glaring originality.

Undagawds is imbued with mouthwatering flavors of authentic, spicy, smooth, damn-good hip-hop.

Of the album they state, “ Undagawds is Boom Bap, it’s Hip Hop, poetry on beats with concrete meaning, messages, inspirational lines and the essence of samples and soul music! We had a plan to give you all a Classic Hip Hop Album and here it is!

Check it out above!



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