Kehlani Releases New Single “All Me” Featuring Keyshia Cole

We’ve waited patiently and these two soulfully dynamic crooners have collaborated on one front with their new single “All Me.”

It’s a classic love tune where Kehlani sings, “Never had a moment, Never have I questioned ya, questioned ya / You already know that
I ain’t never stressed with ya, stressed with ya / Love me and you own that, uh / That’s why I’m so impressed with ya, blessed with ya…
” Although Kehlani is recently single, this record oozes with passion and adoration, an anthem for lovers everywhere. The “Distraction” songstress revealed her excitement for the records release with an animated Instagram video.

“All Me” is the perfect amalgamation of Kehlani’s sultry, steamy execution alongside Keyshia’s strong, powerhouse vocal tendencies.

Keyshia seemed thrilled for the single’s release as well stating on her Instagram, “Me and Kehlani dropping a slapping song tomorrow. This is definitely a personal favorite.”

It’s an inevitable bop, check it out.

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