13-year-old Singer and Instrumentalist Ramsey Haynes Releases Stunning New Single “It’s Wrong (Loving You)”

Maryland native singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Ramsey Haynes releases her second solo effort of the year with “It’s Wrong (Loving You),” a timeless ode to love and its reckless possibilities.

This latest offering was written and co-produced by Ramsey, additional production and engineering by Geuice. This record listens well beyond her years as she croons “I know it’s wrong for us to be together (to be together) / But I been waiting a long time just to be with you / It feels like forever /I’m getting kinda nervous / Feel like a bad person…Don’t wanna lose my focus…

She builds the narrative of the record through this first verse and extends her thoughts into the hook where she sings,“It’s wrong loving you, touching you, feeling you when your not my boo.. / It’s wrong kissing you, holding you, being with you when your not my boo…” Lyrically she details a potentially rocky love story dipped in seas of raw emotion and heavy contemplation. Should someone let love in when the circumstances aren’t the most fitting? Love is a battlefield, a risky game of chess and a feeling that knows no bounds. Ramsey explores those illimitable likelihoods in this record.

Her soulful vocals melt into the production as she delivers an intensely passionate performance.

Ramsey melds true singing with an ardent delivery thus gifting this record an undeniable vibe and an inescapable transference.

You won’t just hear this record but you’ll feel it as well.

She vividly paints her feelings onto a sonic canvas, expertly and tastefully so. Check out “It’s Wrong (Loving You)” below.

More about Ramsey:

Ramsey made her public debut as the opening act during the 2015 ‘Runway Mom’s for a Cause,’ fashion fundraising event; the youngest artist to ever open the event. In October 2017, Ramsey released her first cover EP titled Ramsey. In July of this year, Ramsey released her first single “Love is a Game.”

Originally a self-taught instrumentalist, she has since sought formal teaching as a student of the Royal Conservatory Program. With youth on her side, Ramsey’s evolution will be one for the books.

For all inquiries please e-mail RamseySings@gmail.com.




Performance / Lyrics / Co-Production: Ramsey Haynes | @RamseySings

Production/Engineering: Geuice | @geuice

Photography Credit: Tierra Mcknight | Just Her Photography

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