Rap Radar: Drake, Episode 84

I think initially my goal was just to be a protegé that didn’t flop…I just wanted to be somebody that was like, remotely as important as my mentor.” – Drake, Rap Radar: Episode 84

Drake, the artist of the decade, without question, sits down with Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson and Brian B.Dot Miller for one of the most exclusive and insightful interviews of the year.

Drake’s in a good place.

He’s settled nicely into his new home in Toronto, decking it out with all the fine and creative trimmings like a bathroom that plays Tupac music and of course, the recent release of his new freestyle “War” off his upcoming project El-Kuumba Tape Vol. 1 reveals the momentum that he’ll keep in the start of this next decade.

During the interview Drizzy discusses the dawn of his career, huge inspirations like Lil Wayne, his various accents, his issues with Kanye West, his evolution as an artist and more. Drake revolutionized this decade of music, he made emotional hip-hop popular, he dove into and dominated various genre pools without losing his identity but indeed through genius and strategic reinvention.

What would this decade of music be without Drake? This interview zeros in on his impact across music, entertainment and culture. It’s a little over two hours long but every minute of this interview is intentional and enlightening.

Check it out!



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