Artists to Watch 2020

  1. Kiyanne:

    To new fans, Kiyanne is the fiery Love and Hip Hop New York reality star but to her true fans she’s revered as an undeniably skilled MC who’s known for annihilating her competition in 60 second freestyles over instrumentals such as Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up,” Lil Pumps “Gucci Gang” and DMX’s “What They Really Want” to name a few. She’s a gritty emcee that marries true lyricism with hard, deliberate deliveries. Her craft is not to be taken lightly and 2020, if my trajectory serves me right, will be the year that everyone knows her name.

  2. Ashilee Ashilee:

    The producer, award winning film score composer, instrumentalist, engineer, songwriter and artist released her debut featureless project September Perspective this year. She’s a multifaceted guru that continues to perfect her crafts and tirelessly so. Rather she’s producing and mixing songs for your favorite artists or collaborating with other music industry greats to create timeless records for herself, artists or film, 2020 will be the year Ashilee Ashilee becomes a household name.

  3. Aitch:

    Manchester’s rising Rap God, Aitch, released his classic EP AitcH20 this year. He’s gained some noteworthy praise with his feature on Ed Sheeran’s “Take Me Back To London” amid acclaim from his original works as well. His project boasted with sonic versatility as he dipped in genre pools of rap, RnB and dance vibes all the while not losing his lyrical wit. If he keeps the same momentum in 2020, he’ll be a standout artist.

  4. D Smoke:

    Articulate. Educated. Bilingual. Undeniably talented. Netflix’s “Rhythm + Flow” Winner ,D Smoke, released his debut EP Inglewood High this year and this is just the beginning. His follow up project is set to release in February 2020 and if its anything like the first it will be laced in puissant lyricism, stunning poetry, cultural references and immaculate production. Artists like this one gift the next decade of music not only hope but purpose.

  5. Natalie Orfilia:

    A frequently featured Ikonic Music Blog favorite, Natalie Orfilia, has garnered some deserved attention over the past couple of years but 2020 will be the year she goes from indie starlet to mainstream phenom. She’s got the voice, the look, the work ethic, the talent – just watch!

  6. Jayla Darden

    The producer, engineer, songwriter and artist Jayla Darden released a classic EP this year entitled Onto Something. If you enjoy the sounds of Summer Walker, Aaliyah, Teyana Taylor and Kehlani, then you’ll love her. The self-produced, mixed and mastered body of work sparkles in her flair for not only writing music but flawlessly executing it and gifting it radio-ready listening quality – all on her own. She’s a rare gem, a one-stop-shop and with all that talent bottled up into one person her potentials are limitless.

  7. Teddy Swims

    Atlanta native singer-songwriter, Teddy Swims, has a voice that’s pleasantly smooth yet rustic, raw and well-ranged. He’s notorious for his covers of classic’s like Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” Stevie Wonder’s “Knocks Me Off My Feet” and Mario’s “Let Me Love You,” to name a few. His YouTube channel has already garnered over 500,000 subscribers amid millions of views on his videos collectively. Teddy’s name has already grown drastically over the past couple of months and in 2020 it will skyrocket, for sure.

  8. Lehla Samia

    If you love the sounds of 90’s RnB singers and early 2000’s crooners, you’ll love the vocals of Lehla Samia. The viral Instagram sensation who has covered the likes of Summer Walker’s “Girls Need Love” to Lil Baby’s “Close Friends,” amassing over a million views on her IG videos alone, is a definite shoo-in for success. Her original releases this year “Dear MCM” and “Trust Me” reveal her knack for creating classic, original tunes as well. She’s determined and gifted, 2020 will be a big year for her!

  9. Just Charlii

    London based singer, songwriter and producer Just Charlii, released her debut EP Phoenix this year. It lyrically depicts her rise from the ashes of life’s perils, penniless opinions, pain and seclusion as she soars anew, open, intrepid, loved and strong. She has a captivating voice that doesn’t need filters or auto-tune saturation. Her passion for this thing will call music will catapult her to warranted heights in 2020.

  10. Pink Sweat$

    Most noted for his hit record “Honesty,” Pink Sweat$ is a vibe! He’s garnered over 180 million streams on Spotify this year and next year who know’s, he could hit a billion. His voice is alluring and his lyricism evokes imagery, those are the makings of a future ikon.

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