“Honey Jack” Official Visual, D Smoke Ends the Decade with a Bang

Recently featured for the release of his visual to “Lil’ Red,” D Smoke returns with another well-executed, intentional and cinematic like video for his record “Honey Jack” off his debut project Inglewood High.

He tells The Fader, “‘Honey Jack’ is a period piece — a journey into the mind and plight of a young, unsung artist. As he loses himself in his day-to-day work, he finds himself coping with realities in a glass of brown liquor.

The child-directed visual takes place in the 1920’s as D Smoke lyrically conveys the inebriated but honest tales of an aspiring artist while flashes of police brutality smear the previous yet current realities we battle.

D Smoke is something special, it’s undeniable.

He raps, “I left the hood to rearrange how we approach the game / But that exposure got me feelin’ like the odds is stacked against us / Systematic oppression, we just servants indentured / Politicians retire while we work ’til we in dentures / They kill our black heroes and then just give us one Avenger / Wakanda forever, my n***a /More like pour me a drink, I wonder what kind of liquor…

His gifted word play and pensive metaphors place the Inglewood native in an elite class. A stellar performance from D Smoke, he’s an irrefutable lyricist and natural actor. Hopefully in 2020 he’ll pop up on our big screens, yet again. Check out the “Honey Jack” visual above.

Video credits:

Director: child. / Executive Producer: Nancy Yalley / UPM: Otibho Okojie / AD: Karim Nabil / 2nd AD: Kathy Choi / DP: Jon Chou / 1st AC: Sam Hecker / 2nd AC: Sophia Lee / DIT: Justin Choe / Production Designer: Jhana Parits / Art Director: Emma Bradford / Set Decorator: Gilbert Vitela / Set Decorator: Alexander Lepkowski / Art PA: Natou Fall / Key Hair/MUA: Brandon Thompson / Hair/MUA Asst. Brianne Chaviz / Hair/MUA Asst: Tianna Donyes / D Smoke Styling: Steph Amelie / BG Styling: Maz Rima-Fleurima / Choreographer: Craig Fishback / Editor: Mike Spagnoli / Colorist: Matt Moran

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