Savannah Cristina’s 2020 Mood: “Selfish”

Savannah Cristina, a South Florida native sensation and singer of “Self Care,” the viral beachfront sung anthem, kicks off the new year with that same energy.

In her new single “SELFISH: 2020” she sings, “Now I’m SELFISH bout my money / And I’m SELFISH bout my hustle / I’m SELFISH bout my grind / Cause you was SELFISH bout my struggle.

The self-directed and edited home visual provides a simple visual metaphor to convey her deeply pensive thoughts that she turns into a paean to the strong and singularly focused.

She goes on to sing, “All about me, I’m all about me / Could give a f**k about you / Cause you wasn’t there / And you didn’t hold me down so I’m gonna hold me down…

Savannah states, “It’s 2020. Time to be Selfish. You got this. Clear out the dirty laundry… empty the sink and take out the trash…

Don’t bring the baggage of yesteryear into your New Year! Check out Savannah Cristina’s debut of 2020 above!

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