What I Need from Hip-Hop in 2020?

This past decade of hip-hop wasn’t a flop but indeed a creative expansion, however, in my opinion the elite hip-hop artists of the last ten weren’t acknowledged from a global accolade viewpoint. Why? Because if the numbers are in the millions for mainstream, substance-less creators versus that same numerical energy given to the likes of Hov, J. Cole and Rapsody the award lists would look different. Let’s be clear, each of these ikons, have garnered millions of streams but it’s a wave people catch outside of the award-given time-frame. In other words, most listeners don’t fully grasp the vital nature of their works until months, sometimes years later. We can’t lose the desire for real hip-hop. There’s a couple things I need from it in 2020.

  1. More unity!

We need more unity in hip-hop. Our controversies and tussles make the news but sometimes our albums don’t – it can’t be that way. Personal differences are inevitable but they need not overshadow the music. It’s the trivial theatrics that sometimes outshine the content that may have taken months or even years to come to fruition. It’s not worth it, furthermore, as hip-hop artist you all are influencers, trendsetters and inspiration for those who indulge in your art. Hip-hop beefs are not going to end this year but at least let them decrease. The hip-hop community has lost several young talents just this past year alone. Cherish your time here, collaborate and show the world why hip-hop is one of the most talented genres of music.

2. More women in hip-hop!

We had a strong 2019 in regards to the ‘women-in-hip-hop’ front but we need more! Hip-hop is still very much a male dominated sport but with the arrival of new acts like Megan Thee Stallion, Maliibu Miitch, Lady Leshurr, Rapsody and Mulatto, it’s witnessed a healthy growth but still not enough. I’d love to hear a modern-day “Lady’s Night” anthem this year. We need more female emcees with real bars too, not just that cute, trap-rap, salacious talk but real spitters. We need to celebrate those emcees as well, bump their music, watch their videos, go to their shows etc.


It’s not 1997. I get that and although I believe the 90’s era was the greatest era of hip-hop, I also believe that we are living in this moment of hip-hop thus, we don’t see all its jewels as of yet. There are undeniable spitters like Arsonal Da Rebel, Kendrick, The Game, D Smoke, Nicki Minaj, Rapsody and J. Cole but we need more. If hip-hop loses it’s lyricism, then what should we call it? Let that marinate.

What do you think we need from hip-hop in 2020? Comment below.

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