Caitlyn Smith – “Long Time Coming”


Caitlyn Smith, the singer-songwriter, Amazon Music’s 2020‘Artists to Watch’ and Critics Choice Awards nominee for “Best Song” for “Glasgow (No Place Like Home),” releases another single from her highly anticipated sophomore project Supernova set to release March 13th.

Long Time Coming” is an impressive, majestic ballad bathed in pensive lyricism, an emotive performance from Smith and soft-fitting production.

She sings, “We’ve danced with the devil under the streetlight / Been to hell and back in a black room / Now I want to change but don’t know what it feels like / Keep having these visions of me without you…

The way SMITH sculpts penned imagery into her music allows her tunes to listen like poetry over production – the true essence of song creation.

Caitlyn reflects on the records inception, “I wrote this song almost a year ago to the day with the magical Jenn Decilveo and my incredible producer, Leggy Landon. The first song written after having baby Louie, I flew out to LA with ALL the emotions and an overwhelming amount of hope. I had spent the last year really excavating my heart. Looking in the mirror and doing the work. Change is hard you guys, but oh so necessary… and the path toward becoming fully alive can be long and winding…  but I’m gonna be alright.

Other single releases like “Put Me Back Together,” “Damn You For Breaking My Heart” and this latest offering gift fans a taste of what to expect – a spicy, sweet, tangy body of work that lyrically reads like an open diary.

Check it out above.

Supernova Track Listing (Pre-Order here):

  1. Long Time Coming

  2. Damn You For Breaking My Heart

  3. Put Me Back Together

  4. All Over Again

  5. I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore

  6. Supernova

  7. I Can’t

  8. Rare Bird

  9. Midnight in NYC

  10. Fly Away

  11. You Make Me Feel Like

  12. Lonely Together


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