D Smoke’s New Single “Fly” Featuring Davion Farris, a Lyrical Basquiat

Some artists take the title of “artist” literally and allow each 16 to be a gifted, picturesque stroke of true art. D Smoke, last featured for “Honey Jack” and “Lil Red” returns with another expertly scripted tune “Fly” featuring Davion Farris.

The Inglewood native emcee and winner of Netflix’s “Rhythm + Flow” caresses this record, nuzzling again the production with potent english and spanish verses while his counterpart hops on the track with smooth vocals and poetic lines.

Personal evolution isn’t only bathed in an increase of net-worth but a candid reflection of where you’ve come from as well. Farris sings,”I remember when I didn’t have it all, huh (Have it all) / Puttin’ clothes on layaway at shopping malls, huh / Now I eat off publishing and tour dates, huh (Tour dates) / ‘Cause I started grinding ’til the goods came.” While D Smoke closes out the record with a strong emphasis on his hustle rapping, “If they told you to challenge this, nigga, ain’t no slack in my / Mackin’, I, never let off the pedal, I’m dragon fye And I’m here to be that n***a all my life…

Ideally this record will surface on his rumored February project. Check it out above.


We all got that appointment with the man upstairs
I’m just tryna shed these layers like an artichoke
Meanwhile I dodged the horrors of my horoscope, made it dope
Made it out and studied like Urkel, kept my lil’ Laura Winslow
The wind blows
In my direction, I follow well and spread my wings (Spread my wings)
And move onto better things it brings
D Smoke

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