iyla Releases First Single & Visual of the Year with “Tattoo Tears”

I’d rather tattoo tears then cry for you, Tattoo tears” – iyla

American singer-songwriter, iyla releases this captivating, hypnotic trance-like new banger “Tattoo Tears” off her sophomore EP, OTHER WAYS TO VENT, available everywhere on February 7th. From the deeply ruminative lyricism to the melody hugging production, she bodies this track. Popular for her 2018 EP War + Raindrops, this new offering is a stunning evolution thereof, doused in honest and blatantly reflective anecdotes as her vocals swarm and consume the track.

She sings, “My tattoo tears burn when you’re near / That’s why I’m acting distant and you won’t see me reminiscing oh no / In your rain I won’t drown, I can reign on my own / Imma wear your crown, throw a king off his throne. 

As the record continues, it almost listens like a creative play on JAY-Z’s classic “Song Cry” as she croons, “I can’t see em falling down my face so I’d rather tattoo tears and cry for you.”

In the MTV premiered and Patrick “Embryo” Tapu directed visual, a stunning iyla shifts between dark and light hued palettes as her gorgeous red lock invade most scenes – it’s creative quality.

Check it out above and stay tuned for her sophomore release.

Listen to War + Raindrops below, it’s a quick classic.

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