IKONIC MUSIC FRIDAY: New Music from D Smoke, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, iyla & More!

D Smoke, at this point needs no introduction yet this debut album Black Habits welcomes in another layer of the already multifaceted gem as he lyrically cascades through thoughts of hope amidst reality and evolution amidst societal stifling.

It’s more than just an album, more than a mere collection of songs haphazardly sewn together, more than words over production but indeed a soundtrack to not only motivate the culture but inevitably incite extreme reflection.

Black Habits, laced in 16 tracks amid features from Ari Lennox, Sir, Snoop Dogg and more breathes with wisdom and howls with pride. It’s safe to say, he might have out-did himself but truth is – he’s just getting started; indulge below.

Artists like Brent Faiyaz transcend time.

Somehow he’s classic, in the moment.

His debut album Sonder Son still rocks to this day and it’s follow up F*** The World listens with those same timeless likelihoods as his premier. He carries the ten-piece project alone, as expected and lyrically he’s unapologetically candid.

Check it out below.

iyla, last featured for her captivating single “Tattoo Tears,” returns with her new EP OTHER WAYS TO VENT, dipped in seven tracks amid features from Method Man and Y2. It’s not just about the impeccable quality of her records, or her natural “cool” aura but the way she melts into the production with her sultry vocals and borderline emcee flair. Each record listens with hit-worthy appeal; take a listen below.

Meek Mill, Justin Timberlake – “Believe!” What a powerful record! Both artists are legendary alone thus together their shaking the atmosphere.

Meek Mill raps, “Follow your dreams not your addictions
How we gon’ follow our dreams locked in a prison?
They tried to swallow me whole, God be my witness
Deprive me outta my dreams but I’m relentless

The official visual released as well, watch below.

It’s safe to assume that Nicki Minaj had no intentions of ever truly retiring from music and today she released a new solo effort “Yikes.” She’s aggressively cocky as expected and inevitably a little controversial with her lyric, “Hella bands, pull up, stashed up, super facts up
All you b****S Rosa Parks, uh-oh, get your ass up, uh.”

What are your thoughts on her new track? Comment below.

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