D Smoke Releases an Emotive Viewing of Black Habits

Last Friday, D Smoke released his legendary debut album Black Habits and today he releases the official Child directed visual to part one of a necessary duo.

The beautiful complexity of an artist such as this Inglewood native lies not only in his overt display of lyrical adroitness but also in his subliminal intricacies thus forcing listeners to place his tunes on repeat in an attempt to truly grasp his penned depth.

He raps, “Purple rain fallin’ down on a prince of the coast where the sun shine
All year ’round (Mm) / Purple haze over landscapes, still I hydrate in a lunch line / With the smog and clouds (What?) Start me out (Uh) / This song’s in the key of life and love is in need of more /Young nigga from Inglewood, barefoot on a cedar floor

It’s an effortless flow and through this cinematic, plantation-esque shot display he drives his lyrical imagery home. He expertly crafts a video that is blatantly controversial yet also open to interpretation. The stellar visual quality is pleasantly modern while content-wise parts of the records narrative rest in a time before equality seemed feasible.

If this is what D Smoke can do with five minutes, imagine what an hour and a half could capture, time will tell.

Check out his latest visual above.

Listen to the full album below!

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