14-year-old Wammie Award Nominated Artist Releases a Beautifully Pensive New Tune “I’m So In Love”

Last featured for her timeless ode to love and its reckless possibilities, “It’s Wrong (Loving You),” Ramsey Haynes returns with another classic addition to love’s sonic archives.

The self-written, Julian Marks produced and Geuice engineered record, “I’m So In Love,” whispers in sweet nothings while simultaneously screaming bold desires.

She sings, “You give me this feeling I haven’t felt before / You got me thinking could this be something more /Finally got a good thing going, wouldn’t want to mess this up/ but I don’t even know if , if you really want this love…

In search of assurance and relational confirmation the Maryland native songstress tells a tale of love that yearns for depth but maybe only the surface has been scratched. It’s an aural representation of the serendipity and haphazard reality of this thing we call love.

Ramsey delivers a faultless performance that bathes in the raw emotions that are clearly captured on the track from telling-low-tones to stunning falsettos.

Today’s the day for couples everywhere and surely they can relate to this track deemed most suited for the current and or recovering love addicts. Stream ‘I’m So In Love” on your desired music distribution platforms and check it out above.

For interview requests and other inquiries please e-mail RamseySings@gmail.com.

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